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The Solution

Wi-BUS™ sits at the boundary between two domains - baseband data processing and RF signal transmission. Currently, Wi-BUS™ is the only commercially viable technology that bridges two domains. WiBUS™ extracts a variety of information regarding network performance, and then utilizes that information in novel ways to dynamically tune the network for optimal performance. WiBUS™ consists of a set of interdependent, yet orthogonal tools, including a combination of software and hardware with proprietary subsystems and drivers that span from handsets, RF towers, and backbone routers.  Depending on the market application and deployment configuration, WiBUS™ can be scaled to accommodate highly standardized networks following a tight constraint on interoperability, including existing deployed mobile cells, or closed stand-alone end-to-end networks without limitation to pre-defined protocols. 


WiBUS™ brings to both existing and planned networks a unified closed loop feedback system capable of dynamically “tuning” the baseband processor and the RF transmission station.  The tuning engine provides dramatic efficiency gains over existing mobile architectures.  WiBUS™ chooses, in real-time, the best configuration of varying feedback parameters, including content composition, content priority, RF network integrity, and other available relational attributes.  WiBUS™ works to effectively frame this complex architectural problem into a set of non-linear multi-dimensional formulas, and then through advanced global optimization search algorithms, it adjusts for the best network configuration for any given condition.


With the expected increase in converged voice, video, data traffic, a WiBUS™ overlay in a mobile network will increase user capacity up to one hundred percent (100%) without degradation in the user experience (QOS).  Furthermore, as packet based 4G mobile networks, such as LTE become commonplace, WiBUS™ will gain a layer of additional efficiency through the flexibility of their transmission frameworks.


For closed network deployments, e.g., wireless backhaul,   WiBUS™ brings improvements to the RF links in addition to the increases in capacity stated above. Through these efficiency increases, WiBUS™ makes available RF bands that were previously unusable due to noise factors (e.g. UHF).  For cost sensitive markets, WiBUS™ can reduce the RF tower count by more than fifty percent (50%).

The Basics

La Jolla Networks, Inc. (LJN) has developed technology that will provide a unified traffic/resource management solution for the last mile mobile wireless network. This resource management system dubbed WiBUS™ provides the quality required for the delivery of triple play (telephone, television and internet) over mobile networks. Currently all attempts to deliver triple play over mobile networks have failed. WiBUS™ solves this pressing problem.


Service providers are universally desperate for a network solution that will allow them to deliver high quality TV content as well as internet and telephone services to mobile devices. WiBUS™ is the solution and will cover both the backhaul RAN and the RF cell networks  As such it paves the way for a level of traffic and content transformation and control which the service providers  have long sought but not yet found.


LJN is a visionary leader and pioneer in resource management within the mobile wireless space. It  is actively working to deploy edge network traffic and resource management solutions capable of addressing the exponential bandwidth demand generated by  the convergence of services (telephone, internet, and television) and the desire of service providers and their customers to access such services on mobile devices (laptops, notebooks and cell phones).


LJN is in a unique position to lead the effort in triple play + mobile delivery through the mobile wireless networks due to its development and ownership of a set of wireless technologies capable of increasing network performance by a factor of 2X. The foundation of the technology lies in a unified transmission network management system that brings content analysis, content processors, network conditions, and end user expectations within a converged services network under a centralized resource management umbrella which optimizes network performance on multiple levels. This optimization relies on the dynamic compression, prioritization, scheduling, routing, and RF channel configuration capabilities within the baseband processors, the cell modems, and the remote terminal devices to meet customer expectations. 

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